Benefits of Skincare Treatments


Some skincare treatments can boost the production of collagen, which is vital to vibrant, youthful skin.

Well moisturized skin is flexible and resilient, dry skin is prone to damage. Skin relies on two proteins to maintain its youthful appearance; collagen and elastin. Collagen helps tissues withstand stretching, resulting in plump, durable skin. It is the most abundant protein in the skin. Elastin helps tissues stretch and bounce back when you smile or frown. It forms bundles of elastic fibers that make skin strong and flexible. Working together, the two proteins give skin a taut, voluminous look. Factors such as aging, hormones, health and environmental factors such as smoking and sun damage can effect skins moisture and weaken its proteins, decreasing youthful, healthy appearance.

It’s impossible to stop the natural aging process and reverse time, skin rejuvenation is possible through boosting proteins. Many treatments such as laser, peels, microdermabrasion, micro needling, and stem cells facials trick the skin into thinking it needs repair a wound, creating microscopic fibroblasts of collagen to support and rebuild the dermal tissue. These treatments amp up the collagen and elastin production. Prescription quality Retinol creams and Stem Cell products encourage cell turnover and help to exfoliate and hydrate skin while resisting sagging and wrinkles.

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