Get Yourself a Permanent Makeup!

Permanent Makeup, Semi-Permanent Makeup, Micro-Pigmentation & Microblading

Beautiful You is a name that is most trusted and highly regarded for permanent makeup and skin aesthetics services. Our aesthetics clinic is known throughout the region for outstanding customer ratings and thousands of satisfied customers from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and more.

Due to the popularity of our natural looking permanent makeup, our technicians are highly sought after and tend to book a few weeks out. Please be patient when making your appointment.

The Process

Your treatment will begin with a consultation in our aesthetics office discussing the shape and color of your choice to ensure a first class result. A topical anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated to maximize your comfort.We hear it daily from our clients that it wasn’t as painful as they thought. Some clients are so relaxed, they have even fallen asleep during the procedure.

Once your shape and color preference are decided and the numbing process is complete the makeup application begins. You’ll have the option of a natural or dramatic look and will have a mirror in hand to watch the application as it unfolds. The outcome is up to you!

No Downtime

Healing Time

There is virtually “no downtime”. You will usually be able to resume your normal activity right after the procedure. Although there is minimal swelling and redness it usually subsides in a day or two. As with any permanent makeup procedure expect the color to appear 40 percent darker and brighter than the final result. It takes about 10 to 14 days for the skin to heal and 21 days for the final color to bloom and settle.

Note: A $50.00 dollar non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking the appointment.

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Other Points of Interest

Beautiful You specializes in permanent: Brow hair stroke, powdered brows, lash line enhancement, eyeliner and full lip color. Areola pigmentation, scar camouflage, hair simulation, lash extensions and much more.



Want to wake up every morning with perfectly shaped brows? Well, now you can! No matter what shape your brows are permanent evebrows can help you achieve anything from a subtle enhancement of color to a complete reconstruction of your existing eyebrow. Call today to learn more!


SPARKLING LIPS... If you want your lips to sparkle 24/7 and are not sure about the commitment to full lip color the this is for you. Your mouth is one of your face's most prominent features, SO it is important to have it looking soft, smooth and attractive all of the time.



Make your lashes look fuller dazzling definition. with Eyeliner can make you look younger, healthier, sexier, and more dressed up. The only trouble is putting on eyeliner and then taking it off every day is very tedious! And it doesn't even stay on right!