Certified Professional Electrologist

The American Electrolysis Association believes that one of the most important credentials an Electrologist can have in their career development is to be a board certified Certified Professional Electrologist.

Beautiful You By Christine is passionate about skin care and helping you be as beautiful as you can be with hair removal, skin care, microblading, permanent eye liner, health coaching, pedicures, skin treatment, waxing, functional medicine, and permanent makeup services in the Allentown, Reading, Philadelphia, and Wyomissing areas and at two locations.certified professional electrologistThe Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) credentials signifies that their knowledge has been tested and measured against a National Standard of Excellence. The CPE’s commitment to keeping the credentials, through continuing education, exemplifies the highest degree of professionalism.

The CPE Credential Is Important

Board certification is recognized as going above and beyond what is required. As a voluntary credential, this helps promote the seriousness about enhancing knowledge – thereby better servicing the client. The Certified Professional Electrologist credential is evidence of a pursuit for excellence and the ability to meet standards and requirements.

If you are in search of an electrologist’s services, a credential is not necessary to BE an electrologist. However, a high-quality electrologist would go out of their way to earn such credentials.

If you have any questions about our credentials, if you are interested in a service of ours, or want to reach out to us for another reason, please feel free to call us at 610-921-3717 or contact us.

Beautiful You by Christine is an award-winning skin care salon. Here at Beautiful You By Christine we have provided the most advanced skin care for over 20 years. We also offer permanent makeup and permanent eyeliner, microblading, and hair removal methods. We have assisted many women and provided health coaching and functional medicine around Collegeville PA, Allentown PA, and Reading PA. Along with those areas, we also work in Philadelphia PA and Limerick PA.

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