Anyone who wants their lashes to be perfectly curled without exerting much effort might consider getting an eyelash lift. You only need a lash lift to give your eyes that additional wow factor! Due to the convenience, our clients adore having lash lifts. You can have flawlessly curled lashes for up to eight weeks if you have an eyelash lift at The Beautiful you by Christine. An eyelash lift is the quick, lovely pick-me-up you need. For a lash lift that results in long, glamorous lashes, The Beautiful you by Christine  is the best option in Charlotte.

Eyelash Lift and Tint: What is it?

A lash lift is followed by eyelash tinting in an eyelash lift and tint procedure. Why mix the two? Your favorite eyelash lift will be combined with a rich, gorgeous color to really make your eyes sparkle. The Beautiful you by Christine’s qualified stylists collaborate with you to select the ideal color for your bouncy new lashes. We’ll pick hues that go well with the color of your skin and the style of your gorgeous hair. Although the dyes we use are completely safe and delicate, we advise consulting the salon first if you have allergies or allergic sensitivity. A 1-hour window is needed for the tinting process. Your lashes will stay vibrant and dark for up to four weeks following your lift and tint—with little to no upkeep.

Lash Lift After Care

for 24 hours

Handle with care

Don’t go swimming

Don’t rub your eyes

No mascara

or any eye makeup

Keep Your

lashes dry

Sleep on your

back or side

Avoid hot steamy

showers or saunas

No lotions,

oil-based products or creams

Schedule your

next appointment

What is an eyelash lift?

An eyelash lift and tint takes your straight lashes and changes them into curled dark lashes that will last up to 8 weeks. At Beautiful You By Christine our master lash artists utilize silicon lifting forms to adhere the lashes with a gentle water based adhesive. The lifting and setting solution work together to give a beautiful curl.
Eyelash lifts are commonly combined with eyelash tints for more dramatic results.
The entire procedure time is an hour. Whether your lashes are long, short, thin or thick there is a perfect lash curl for you!

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